Knyaz Aleksandyr Batenberg str. 79

I. Common areas:


  • roof –wooden structure with tiles;
  • gutters and downpipes – PVC coated galvanized steel sheet;
  • thermal insulation – for exterior walls and roof in accordance with the design;
  • façade walls – granopor plastering and facing in accordance with the design;
  • terrace railings – solid reinforced concrete with top steel handrails;
  • sidewalk pavement – concrete flags;
  • staircase:
    • ceilings – gypsum plaster with latex;
    • walls – gypsum plaster with latex;
    • stairs, granite;
    • handrail– metallic;
    • postboxes for each apartment;
    • joinery – aluminium and PVC in common areas;
    • entrance gate at staircase – aluminium;


  • sewerage – PVC pipes in foundations and on floors, discharging in the street manhole of the city sewerage system;
  • rainwater - discharged into the city sewer system;
  • plumbing - PVC pipes with a common water meter installed at the point of connection to the municipal water supply system;
  • the building is delivered ready to open an account file in the name of each owner with the water utility company;


  • main electrical board installed with space for electricity meters for each owner, connected to the municipal power grid and approved by the electricity distribution company, ready to open an account file in the name of each owner;
  • installed electrical system according to the approved design for all common rooms, inclusive of wall switches, lighting fittings and sensors for automatic turning on;
  • installed and tested connections from electricity meters to electricity panels in apartments and all other consumers in the building;
  • installed low-voltage system;
  • installed intercom system;
  • installed indoor telephone system up to a panel, ready for connection to an outside telecommunications network;
  • wiring for mobile security patrol service and access control at main entrance gate connected to an intercom system;
  • cable trunking from distribution box to each apartment for home security alarm system and other consumers;
  • Lift – hydraulic, with a stop at each floor, de luxe construction according to the approved design.


  • outside connection and distribution board installed;
  • connection from distribution board to each apartment.


Upon purchasing of a unit with internal masonry works not completed, change of layout and installations is possible after prior agreement between seller and buyer.

  • Living rooms, bedrooms, hallways: ceilings - gypsum plaster; walls – gypsum plaster; flooring – reinforced cement mortar; thermal insulation for flooring at the second floor by 4 cm reinforced cement mortar;
  • Bathrooms and kitchens: ceilings, walls and flooring - prepared for tiling and floor finishing with waterproofing on floor and h = 40 cm on walls;
  • Terraces - completed according to the approved façade design; flooring – cement mortar with granitogres tiles, with thermal insulation and waterproofing according to the design;
  • Joinery – entrance door – armoured, at a price up to BGN 500,painted; internal doors – МDF, white, sills installed; windows - 6-chambered white PVC joinery, aluminium sills;
  • Plumbing system – completed system ready to install fixtures;
  • Sewerage system – first phase completion – vertical branches according to design;
  • Electrical system – first phase completion, apartment electric panel installed according to design;
  • Heating system – water heating with piping in cement mortar, ready to install gas boiler and radiators.
  • Gas supply system – piping installed from apartment panel to gas boiler.
  • Air conditioning system – ready for electrical connection of one air conditioner.


Layout according to the design.


  • ceilings: smooth concrete surface as after removal of formwork;
  • walls: dry walls with water proofing by 12 mm impregnated plasterboards on both sides;
  • flooring: trowel smoothed concrete surface;
  • door – roller shutter, with provisions to install a remote control unit;


  • garage electric panel - installed;
  • wall contacts - 2 nos., installed;
  • lighting fixtures according to the design;
  • wiring for garage door, with provisions to install electrical drive.

Contacts: Stara Zagora, Voivoda Stoino Chernogorski Str. 27A , +359 42 603 642,