Assigned projects

LIST OF BUILDINGS ASSIGNED BY OTHERS (Click the button to see a list)

2015Strengthening and removal of collapsed section of the existing building of Nikola Obreshkov Secondary School, KazanlakMunicipality of Kazanlak
2015Design of demolishing of existing buildings, consolidation of foundation pit and strengthening of part of the existing building of Zagorka AD, Stara ZagoraZagora AD
2015Boarding house for the youth center of Minyo Balkanski Foundation in the village of Oryahovitsa, municipality of Stara Zagora – Reconstruction and extension of administrative building in zoned property No III, square 20, OryahovitsaMinyo Balkanski Foundation, village of Oryahovitsa
2014-2015Reconstruction of existing building of total floorage 948,26 sq.m. (formerly a cinema theatre) into International Youth Center for children and youth at risk in Stara Zagora. Additional works with relation to the above reconstruction of existing buildingMunicipality of Stara Zagora
2014Reconstruction and rehabilitation of Tiffany Restaurant in zoned property No II, square 526.Invazia - KDS-Kompaniya EOOD
2013-2014Overhaul of existing building Vila Rosa in zoned property No II, square 215, in KazanlakStara Zagora Regional Directorate of Police
2014Reconstruction of an existing building (restaurant and office) into 2 houses in zoned property No III-935, square 10, Stara Zagora - architectural, water supply and sewerage, electrical worksMs Kalya Georgieva Petkova
2013-2014Service rendered: fabrication, shot blasting and painting of steel structure for Devnya manufacturing plantVITO-95 OOD
2013Reconstruction of the central city marketplace in Stara Zagora (urban design).Municipality of Stara Zagora
2013Rehabilitation of an apartment in the city of KazanlakUMT EOOD, Kazanlak
2013Overhaul of the Ceremonial Hall of Zachary Knyajevski Library in Stara ZagoraMunicipality of Stara Zagora
2013Rehabilitation of the building of Novotechprom OOD, Stara ZagoraNovotechprom OOD
2014Fence for St. Nicolas Church, Stara ZagoraDescream Building EOOD
2013Car Wash – reconstruction of existing building in the town of Gurkovo, zoned property No II-9673, square 64, and reconstruction of a bistroBulgarplastic EOOD, Gurkovo
2012-2014Performance of works under a rehabilitation contract for a teachers’ room, principal’s office, classrooms and lounge. Works at a multifunctional hall.Second Primary School of Stara Zagora
2013-2014Fruits warehouses in the village of BadeshteNewbuild EOOD, Stara Zagora
2012-2013Reconstruction and rehabilitation of existing production shop and extension, superstructure and rehabilitation of adjacent existing administrative building in the town of BuzovgradUMT EOOD, Kazanlak
2013Fabrication, delivery and erection of aluminium windows, doors , and window displays , water supply and sewerage for project Reconstruction of Existing Hospital Buildings and Construction of a new Pavilion for the Ward of Radiotherapy, Oncological Clinic, Stara ZagoraConstruction company Zagora EAD
2012Emergency rehabilitation of the community centre in the village of Samuilovo, municipality of Stara ZagoraMunicipality of Stara Zagora
2012Overhaul of glazed façade of the gymnasium of the Ninth Primary School of Stara ZagoraMunicipality of Stara Zagora
2012Rehabilitation of Kindergarten No 34, Stara ZagoraMunicipality of Stara Zagora
2012Performance of works for AES-3C Maritsa East 1 EOOD under РО4500079991, contract 686-AG-XYZ for project: 125 A, Design and reconstruction of a damaged canal in the zone of materials handlingAES-3C Maritsa East 1 EOOD, Galabovo
2012Performance of works for AES-3C Maritsa East 1 EOOD under РО4500079647, contract 686-AG-XYZ for project: 32R, Design and construction of the roof on the north side of railway platform at building 32AES-3C Maritsa East 1 EOOD, Galabovo
2012Repair of roof, bank building, bank garage and dome joinery for project Svilengrad Branch Office located at blvd. Bulgaria, town of SvilengradUniCredit Bulbank AD, Sofia
2012Repair of Yambol Branch Office located at Gorge Papazov No 3, YambolUniCredit Bulbank AD, Sofia
2011Rehabilitation of town records building, town of GalabovoUniCredit Bulbank AD, Sofia
2009-2011Reconstruction of Tiffany Restaurant, zoned property No ІІ square 526 in Stara Zagora - architectural, water supply and sewerage, electrical , gas supply, ventilation and air conditioning workInvazia - KDS-Kompaniya EOOD
2009-2011The Golden Fleece Restaurant, town of NesebarInvazia - KDS-Kompaniya EOOD
2010-2011Rehabilitation of a training hall with lounge, repair of retaining walls and curbstones.Romain Rolland Secondary School of Stara Zagora
Renovation of the facades of the branch office of UBB Bank AD, city of HaskovoEurobuilding-2007 EOOD
2011-2012Residential building in the village of Starazagosrski mineralni bani: overhaul of a building, flooring, tiling, carpentry, metal and hardware worksMr Encho Vasilev Baramov
Gypsum dewatering system for units 1-6 of TPP Maritsa East 2Kuli I Komini EOOD
2011Façade arrangement of service buildings - main entrance gate of TPP Maritsa East 2Elit VK-2000 OOD
2009-2010Residential and business buildings in zoned property No ХХІ-132, square 20. Routine rehabilitation of training center in the village of Oryahovitsa. Rehabilitation of roof, wet rooms and fence for the Cultural Centre, town of Nova ZagoraMinyo Balkanski Foundation, village of Oryahovitsa
2002-2010Performance of comprehensive works for rehabilitation and commissioning of the Opera House in Stara ZagoraMunicipality of Stara Zagora
2010Reconstruction of a business facility in a beauty parlour at ul. Augusta Trayana 36 A, square 656Sveta Ana Medical Centre OOD
2010Rehabilitation of the Calista Hotel, village of Starazagosrski mineralni baniEurobow OOD, Sofia
2009-2010Petrol filling station with gas filling section in zoned property No ХХІІІ-687 and zoned property No ХХІІ-688, square 63, town of GalabovoROA Invest AD, Radnevo
2009Residential building and barbecue, land plot No152 in Saborenia Most Place, on the city map of Stara ZagoraMr Kancho Tenev Kanev
2008-2009Residential building with barbecue and swimming pool, zoned property No ІХ-305 square 20, village of Starazagosrski mineralni bani - structural, architectural, water supply and sewerage worksElcontrol EOOD, Stara Zagora
2009Park Mall – sewage pumping stationKomertorg EOOD
2006-2008Reconstruction of a school building into information center, village of OryahovitsaMinyo Balkanski Foundation, village of Oryahovitsa
2007-2008Completion of works for a family residential house Ariadne and terraced residential building Mikonos, land plot No 106058, territorial code number 46417, Atyuren district, Stara ZagoraZSK Boruy AD
2007-2008Structural strengthening of weekly nursery school No 12 Borovets in Stara Zagora, zoned property No ХХІІІ, square 259Municipality of Stara Zagora
2008Reconstruction of an industrial goods shop into a bank office of Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD, square 152, zoned property ІІ 2092, town of RadnevoAllianz Bank Bulgaria AD, Sofia
2008Rehabilitation of an architect’s office at ul. H. D. Asenov 80AArch. Ivan Kirchev 2004 EOOD
2008Rehabilitation of an office at ul. Sveta Troitsa No 152A, et. 1, ap. 1Aqvaproekt EOOD
2006-2007Administrative and commercial complex Bulagro, kv. Zheleznik, Stara Zagora, square 665, zoned property No ХІ 2401Bulagro AD
2007Thermal insulation of a residential building in zoned property No ІІІ-737, square 126A, Stara ZagoraET Una-Trufa Koychev-44 Trufka Koycheva
2007Rehabilitation of a law firm office – execution of flooring, tiling and sheeting, painting, electrical, water supply and sewerage works.AS Petrunova, Andreeva, Tsoneva
2004-2006Administrative- residential and production building with garages – structural worksElcontrol EOOD
2005-2006Rehabilitation of Tiffany Restaurant – partial repair of guests’ hall – flooring and aluminium joineryInvazia - KDS-Kompaniya EOOD
2006Rehabilitation and classrooms, emergency exit and entrance staircase of Medical College, Stara ZagoraTrakia University, Medical College, Stara Zagora
2005Overhaul of Forum Hotel Restaurant – reinforced concrete structure and construction of a ne new roof.Contract Co EOOD
2004Construction of a new building up to the roof and insulation work, village of DalbokiMs Stela Atanasova Atanasova
2004Overhaul of roof and finishing works for facade and indoors.Ms Aneliya Kaneva
2004Restoration of security of the structure of a failed 8-storey large panel residential section 223 of block of apartments located at ul. Augusta Trayana No 31, vh. 0, Stara ZagoraMunicipality of Stara Zagora
2004Construction of a residential building with a business facility at ul. M. Kavaldzhiev, Stara Zagora, square 50A, zoned property No Х-2659Mr Evgeni Nachev
2002-2003Overhaul of Bulbank offices - operational halls in town of Radnevo and town of Nova Zagora, architectural, water supply and sewerage worksUniCredit Bulbank AD
2002-2003Construction of a reinforced concrete structure of the shopping center City, Stara ZagoraStubel M AD, Stara Zagora
2003Overhaul of a sales shop – replacement of aluminium joinery and finishing worksET Dekar - Iv. Balabanov
2003Execution of construction works in GermanyMr Emil Honinger
2002Execution of construction works at the site of Peshtostroy EOOD - architectural, water supply and sewerage works, Industrial district of Stara ZagoraPeshtostroy EOOD
2002Overhaul of aluminium joinery, finishing works, flooring, tiling and sheeting, and obtaining a permit for use of a Medical and Dental CenterMisteli EOOD
2002Reconstruction of an industrial goods shop into a bank office of Raiffeisenbank AD branch office in Stara ZagoraRaiffeisenbank AD
2002Overhaul and reconstruction plus finishing works for the office of Elcontrol EOODElcontrol EOOD
2000-2001Residential building in Stara ZagoraPeshtostroy EOOD
1996-1997Overhaul and reconstruction of Bulbank AD office in Stara ZagoraBulbank AD
1995-1996Hotel in the town of PrimorskoPeshtostroy EOOD
1995-1996Family hotel, in the village of Zmeevo, region of Stara ZagoraYonayko OOD
1991-1992Meat processing plant of KEN, Stara ZagoraKEN AD

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